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Home Improvement VS Home Repair 

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For potential application and tax purposes, it’s important to take note whether you’re going to do home repair or home improvement. It has different effects on your property and the tax implication it’s going to have. But first, we have to know the distinction between the home improvement and home repair.  

Home Repair

Home Improvement  

Home improvement is a type of renovation that extends the life of a property. The belief is that doing home improvements will add value to the property whether it is a house or a rest house. It compromised adding some parts of a house that wasn’t there before. It means that something will be upgraded or adapted to a new use. It involves greater cost because it is more extensive than home repairs.  

Sample of Improvements: 

  • Installing a security system 
  • Replacing existing plumbing  
  • Replacing all windows 
  • Installing a new carpet 
  • Adding an addition 

Home Repair 

A repair is what we call a maintenance rather than a renovation. This is necessary in all homes to keep the appliance in your home working properly. Opposite to home improvement, home repair doesn’t necessarily extend the life or value of the property. They are just necessary to do because your property needs to be maintained in a habitual situation. To put it shortly, home repair is considered as restoring an item to its previous functional state.  

Sample of Repairs: 

  • Repairing existing appliances 
  • Replacing cracked floor 
  • Refinishing a wood floor 
  • Replacing a doorknob 
  • Repairing a room 
  • Replacing a window 

Which is Better? 

There’s no absolute answer to this question because both is not better than the other. The situation will vary and it depends on your comfort. A home improvement will add something on your property, like a value or an extended room. A home repair is necessary to maintain the appliance in your home and to maintain the condition of the property. It still boils down to what you want to do with your property and what you think it needs most.  

If you have an extended family, a home improvement will be necessary so there would be more room for everyone. Home improvements are also done by those people who just purchased a property and want to renovate it in their own liking.  

Home repair on the other hand, is necessary on most homes and it’s not a task that you can just say no to. If your air conditioning system doesn’t work, it’s necessary to fix it right? If the roof leaks, the stair creaks, or the windows are broken home repair is really necessary so the property is still habitual. Home repair is essential to keep the safety of your family.  

Now that you know the distinction between the two, it’s time to decide what to do with the property of yours. If you want to do home improvement, you can do it so the looks of your property would reflect on how you imagine it. if you want to do home repairs to keep things working, you can do it too.  

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